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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is the guarantee?

It’s a lifetime unconditional guarantee. That means that if you’re not happy with your purchase, I’ll refund you. Just send me an email. Let me know why you’re not happy with the ebook – that helps me to make it better for everyone else.

After I purchase, how will I receive the ebook?

You will receive an email to the email address you indicated during the purchase. That email will contain a link to download the ebook.

In what format is the ebook?

The ebook is in PDF format, a widely supported standard. The PDF has been created with a table of contents to help you easily navigate the book. The hyperlinks (or links) in the book are also clickable though this may depend what software you use to view it.

What devices can be used to view the ebook?

You should be able to view the ebook on the following devices:

  • Laptop or desktop computer: On a Windows PC you can view it using Adobe Reader. On a Mac, you can view it using the Preview app that comes with your computer.
  • iPad: On the iPad, you can view the ebook in the iBooks app. When you download the book on your iPad, you should be given the option to Download in iBooks. The latest version of iBooks now provides clickable links and a table of contents. There are many other apps available to read PDFs on your iPad.
  • Other tablets: This will depend on what exact tablet you have. For Android there are many apps available for viewing PDF files.
  • Kindle Fire: It seems that you can read PDF files on the Kindle Fire. You may need to install the Adobe PDF Reader or another app.
  • iPhone and iPod touch: Similarly you can download the PDF and read it in iBooks or another PDF reader.
  • Nook: It seems that the Nook can read PDFs. Follow these instructions on how to download a PDF to your Nook. Not having a Nook to hand, I am not clear what the reading experience is for this book. Bear in mind that the filesize of the PDF is 30 – 40MB and it features more than 350 full-color images.
  • Windows Phone 7: You can view PDFs using the Adobe Reader app or another app.

What is covered in the book?

For more information on the books contents, I suggest you take a look at the excerpt of the book that includes the table of contents, introduction and the first chapter.

If I haven’t answered your question, please do contact me.



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